Friday, August 20, 2010


Hmmm, where to start, where to start? Well I'm new at this, there's my starter (: Is there such a thing as being good at blogging, or no?  I actually only started this because my cousin said it was fun, and some of her cousins (like me) should get one. I'm a little worried on what to blog about. Are we supposed to blog about anything, certain things, pointless things? I guess I'm going with the ANYTHING choice, its not like I have something to lose right? So like my cousin said, "why not?" I'm going to try it! Haha, like I have a life anyways...

My name is said so many times on here, it would be kind of funny to repeat it again, no? I'm 16 years old, just this passed July, and I feel as old as ever! Everyone tells me, "you're not even close to old, Kayleen!"... nahh, I still feel old. Do you have or remember the times when you were little, playing with your friends or family outside? When electronics were out, and riding your bikes, or scooters, or whatever... was in? I remember when I was about 9, all of my cousins came over my house, for a family get together that we usually would have on Sundays, and we all decided to build a (ghetto) carnival! All the older cousins built the rides, with the big sea saw, the swing from the tree, the monkey bars that my grandpa and uncles made. And the games! Oh, it was just great! The younger cousins, including myself, enjoyed every second of that "carnival." I miss the old days. Haha, I bet everyone feels the way I do, with the whole, "I'm getting old thing." If not, teach me how to not feel that way, please! 

So my best friend, Shannon Tafili, who's also my cousin, moved all the way across the world to Samoa. There hasn't been one day that I haven't thought of her, actually. When we were younger, when I first moved here from California in first grade, Shannon and I, basically, hated each other. She was the biggest jerk to me! And now, were the best of friends. We tell each other everything, and we just GET each other. What I love about her the most, is she listens to me. She listens to what I have to say, or go through. She's honest too! If I said something and it bugged her, she would let me finish, then she would honestly tell me what she thought about it. Whether it be good or bad, shes honest. What a good best friend quality, yeah? I wish she were here...

Who I also wish was here, is my two nephews. Jordan and Jarius a.k.a the Devils Spawn and the Big Eyed Fish, my brother, Jun, calls them that LOL. They're like my little munchkins, and I cant ever picture my life without my sisters kids. And man! The things they do! Its crazy, and weird! My friend, Klarissa, told me one day when Jordan's arm was broken, that he would go up to everyone, telling them to smell his cast (you know cause you cant get it wet and stuff, so it smelled pretty bad). He went up to his cousins that were just little baby's shoving his cast into their faces! Haha, and Jarius, he makes the ugliest, cutest, mad faces ever. He has his moms big-ol' eye balls. Guppy, I love calling Jarius Guppy. 'Suits him well, LOL. Gosh I love them. They're out on a camping trip with their grandpa Clay, and wont be back till sometime this week! I can't wait to see them!

Its 1 o'clock in the morning, and I'm dying to close my eyes. Maybe I'll have a dream about Jacob Black again (: Haha, I'm seriously kidding. TEAM EDWARD! Haha, JK. Hope you enjoyed my blog, this won't be the last one I hope.